Eagles in the Minor Leagues   The year listed is the player's final year at Southwest.
The organization listed is the one the player originally signed with.
1964 Ivey Armstrong Dodgers
1967 Ray Bare Cardinals
1967 Dennis Murphy Dodgers
1967 Dave Augustine Pirates
1972 Andre Dawson Expos
1975 Steve Houlberg Tigers
1975 Joel Pyfrom Miami*
1981 Dane Johnson Blue Jays
1983 Joaquin Contreras Mets
1983 Eddy Yanes Twins
1983 Raul Bedoya White Sox
1984 Hernan Adames White Sox
1987 Rey Noriega Yankees
1988 Jose Vazquez Cardinals
1988 Luis Navarro Astros
1989 Clint Owens Champaign (IL)*
1990 Alex Pereira Chillicothe (OH)*
1990 Omar Fernandez Dodgers
1991 Ralph Perez Padres
1991 Denis Pujals Devil Rays
1991 Manny Vazquez Devil Rays
1992 Junior Cruz Twins
1992 J.J. Jimenez Newark (NY)*
1993 Brian Riley Angels
1993 Emilio Fernandez Meridian (MS)*
1993 Mike Lopez-Cao Orioles
1994 Marc Suarez Reds
1994 Juan (Tiger) Peña Red Sox
1994 Esteban Barrios Angels
1994 Carlos Castillo White Sox
1995 Michael Tejera Marlins
1995 Hansel Izquierdo Marlins
1995 Nick Alvarez Dodgers
1998 Erik Rico Blue Jays
2000 Jeff Urgelles Reds
2000 Francisco Leandro Devil Rays
2000 Luis Espinosa Kalamazoo (MI)*
2002 Fernando Hernandez White Sox
2002 Ivan Izquierdo Rangers
2002 Marcos Cabral Mets
2007 Jorge Marban Rangers
2011 David Cruz Marlins
2012 Zack Gonzalez Tuscon*
2013 Robert Cancio Diamondbacks
2013 Luis Aviles Brewers

Eagles in the Major Leagues


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* Denotes Independent League